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  • noImageWithin each business unit you have access to a large amount of data by accessing tabs along the top. Within the expenditure and revenue tabs you can edit/add new budget and line items. Within the Issues tab users can add decision packages used to model various budgeting scenarios. In the CIP tab, all CIP costs can be tracked within the operating budget. In the Progams tab, Performances Measures are tracked within each business unit for performance based budgeting. In the Memos tab, text information can be added and included within reports. In the Charts tab, bar and pie charts help visualize all expenditures and revenue items.
  • noImageWithin each business unit, the application tracks all prior year history for as many years as you have data. Down below, you can see a list of all accounts and line items which can be edited by each department. Every account can contain multiple line items and text information can be included within each record. Although only the current year appears here, users can define what columns the grid will display at anytime.
  • noImageUsers can easily add line items to existing accounts by clicking the "New" link and adding new requests. A budget can be entered into the account for up to 10 future years, 6 month, annually, quarterly or monthly. We include the ability to provide projection factors to entered requests. Every record can include text information which can be included within our reports. Access to accounts is restricted by security so users can only access those business units they are allowed to edit.
  • noImageAll position, salary and benefit budgeting is included within the operating budget. Positions can be split among as many business units as needed. By entering a duration amount, the salary can be calculated for a certain number of months in the year. For all vacant records, the class/category of position selected will automatically bring in a default paygrade and set of benefits. All projections factors for benefits will be calculated for future years and can be adjusted by administrators.
  • noImageFor every position we setup the classes, categories and time types so we can automate all salary, raise, benefits and paycode amounts. This allows you to setup differing salary/benefit packages for your different bargaining units. All these position packages can be adjusted at anytime to include different benefit rates, salary adjustments and paycode packages should your positions assumptions change.
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